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Reading you will have a chance to discover the unique universe that can be built in a book. You will be able to experience it as if it were a world you know, and to share the emotions of its characters. It is an experience like no other!

Would you like to read in different languages? Are you interested in learning stories from several parts of the world? In our children’s library you will find books in various languages, from different countries and regions, and for kids of all ages. Once in a while we also hold storytelling sessions. Visit us to learn more about our children’s library and its activities.

Children’s Library favorites

Pick up any of our books and enjoy! Visit the  children’s world La Librera has created for you, where you can let your imagination visit magical places and meet characters that will have lots of stories to tell you.

Waiting for the Biblioburro

Monica Brown

El reino del revés

María Elena Walsh

Mouse Soup

Arnold Lobel

¡Tacos de lodo!

Mario López y Marissa López Wong

La Librera is a meeting place around books and reading, and it is also a place for dialogue and creation. We invite you to visit our page regularly to learn about our activities, events, workshops, contests, and other initiatives taking place in our space.

December 21st – Alberto Bejarano – Poetry Reading

Alberto Bejarano es cuentista y poeta de palimpsestos. Se desempeña como investigador en literatura comparada en el Instituto Caro y Cuervo y profesor de la Maestría de Artes de la Universidad Nacional. Ha publicado los libros de cuentos Y la jaula se ha vuelto...

December 14th – María del Rosario Laverde at La Librera

Saturday 14 of december 2019Invitamos a María del Rosario a leer de sus poemarios Condición de Forastera y Memoria de Jirafa. María del Rosario es graduada de la carrera de Estudios Literarios de la Universidad Nacional, invitada a eventos como PoemaRío en...

Grand opening

In the best event for culture in Santa Marta. A space full of flavor and knowledge. Come meet La Librera and want to visit again. We will have an event full of surprises, with lots of music, lots of movies, lots of books and lots of activity announcements for this...


Initiatives and institutions that collaborate with us:We are interested in collaborating with individuals, institutions, projects, and initiatives akin to our vision. We welcome proposals for collaboration. We are currently developing projects with: Fundación guion...

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Do you want to read in several languages? Would you like to know stories from different parts of the world? Visit us, you will learn about different countries and regions, so you can learn about their culture and fun stories, perfect for children and for large children.


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Visit us or contact us via e-mail or Facebook if you are interested in ordering books or proposing an activity. We invite you to learn more about us and our activities and various cultural initiatives!

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