La Chequita Samaria

At La Librera you will always be able to enjoy a good coffee as you choose a book or take some time to read. We share our space with La Chequita Samaria, a café and tapas bar created and managed by Ana María Gómez and Jorge Eduardo Ardila. 

Various flavors

You have to taste them!

Chequitas, chequitas...

They are delicious!

We're here for you!


Las Chequitas

Chequitas are small, quiche-style dishes original to us. We prepare them with a range of ingredients from the region.

Zanahoria y Manzana

Nena Carne

Nena Bocadillo

Miel de Maple y Nueces

Guineo y Carne



Coffee & cold drinks

We have excellent coffee from various regions of Colombia, you can also taste our fresh and delicious corozo juice or enjoy one of our craft beers. 

Become part of our family!

Come and visit us! We’ll have a chat, exchange ideas, and you’ll be able to enjoy one of our classic or new recipes.


Calle 20 #8-37
Santa Marta, Magdalena



Monday to Saturday:

2:00 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Sunday: Closed


Visit us or contact us via e-mail or Facebook if you are interested in ordering books or proposing an activity. We invite you to learn more about us and our activities and various cultural initiatives!

Director: María Constanza Guzmán


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Web design: Teddy Ramírez

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